Global Ewaste Solutions is committed to providing superior IT asset management solutions tailored to your needs.

As a leader in managing the complete life-cycle of IT assets, we offer an extensive suite of services to enterprises including data security, refurbishing and re-marketing.

We believe in a sustainable future. Our focus on refurbishment and re-marketing increases the life-cycles of your IT assets and reduces waste wherever possible. As an e-Stewards certified recycler, we adhere to a zero landfill policy on all e-waste, thus maintaining our commitment to the environment. Furthermore, GES upholds the highest standards in social responsibility using no prison, forced, or child labor in neither our organization, nor any of our downstream suppliers.

Data Security – Our rigorous data sanitization processes protect your sensitive information and help to reduce overall risk.

Cost Saving – IT Asset Recovery eliminates the need for long-term storage solutions and can increase the life-cycle of your old equipment.

Environmental Responsibility – Global Ewaste Solutions follows a zero export policy for all electronics..

Brand Protection – Proper data destruction and environmentally conscious recycling are great ways to uphold a strong public image and maintain a successful corporate social responsibility policy.

Maximized ROI – IT asset recovery enables a company to maximize their ROI by reducing the costs associated with the disposal of obsolete equipment.

  •   Industry leading, certified data sanitization
  •   Indemnified electronic waste recycling
  •   Custom asset recovery services
  •   Maximized IT asset remarketing returns
  •   Secure on-site data erasure
  •   IT redeployment options
  •   Logistics support
  •   End-of-lease management


Absolute Data Security

GES has strict security procedures for both our facilities and employees to ensure the security of all customer information.


Remarketing / Trade-in Services

Global Ewaste Solutions has the capabilities and network to fulfill almost any order while providing an honest valuation