Tailored Shipping Solutions

Global Ewaste Solutions specializes in providing it’s customers with an uncompromising level of security when transporting any assets. Our variety of logistics options enables us to deliver a solution tailored to your needs.

Fortified Shipping Containers

At GES, we have created a unique shipping solution specifically for your ITAD/ITAM requirements: a locked and reinforced “lockboxes” designed to offer an unprecedented level of security throughout the logistics chain. These 4’x4’x4′ containers protect against any tampering during the retreival process of our ITAD/ITAM service.

As an additional benefit, we can ship every box with a value maximising packing solution. This integrated package includes all the necessary materials, as well as a step by step illustrated brochure, to ensure complete protection of your assets from damage during transit. Our commitment to total asset protection, from both damage and data theft, is one of the many aspects that make GES’s ITAD/ITAM solution a valuable part of any IT security program.

Internal Logistics

For further security, we offer our own internal logistics in the Minneapolis, Toronto, Singapore, Victoria and Vancouver regions.