As our businesses become increasingly connected, we open ourselves up to the possibility of a security breach even more. Every successful company requires a well-rounded data security strategy to protect it’s brand and it’s people. An integral part of this strategy is the proper sanitization of outgoing IT assets.

Global Ewaste Solutions specializes in providing a suite of certified data sanitization services to fit the needs of any company, large or small.

Data Erasure

For remarketing or redeployment purposes, data erasure is the preferred method of sanitization. Erasure leaves the hard drive intact and functional allowing it to be redeployed or sold along with the device containing it. Our Softthinks wiping software is a proven platform for proper erasure with the option for 1, 3, or 7 pass wipes depending on your specific needs. All wipe schedules generate a unique, device specific certification upon completion for increased accountability.

Physical Destruction

Physical Destruction is the simplest method we offer. Our NIST compliant hard drive crusher renders any drive unreadable, eliminating the chance of a data leak. For time-sensitive or low-cost requirements, this is the ideal method.


Degaussing scrambles the magnetic domain of a hard disk destroying the contained data. This process is irreversible and is preferred by government agencies and other organizations requiring a heightened level of security. Degaussing’s advantage over physical drive destruction is that no part of the drive contains data after being degaussed. In theory, a crushed drive’s data could be partially intact, albeit unreadable on the smashed disk.

We offer onsite service for all three methods if necessary as well as secured logistics options for extra protection including custom lock boxes and serialized container seals.