As an all in one ITAD/ITAM provider, Global Ewaste can facilitate both lease returns and asset redeployment.

For purchased IT equipment, redeployment is an effective solution for reducing IT expenditures. Through redeployment, a company can extend the overall lifecycle of it’s equipment by years if necessary. As a successful remarketer, we understand the value of older equipment. Many assets still have 2-3 years of usability left. Through refurbishment and, if necessary, hardware upgrades,  we can extract the most from your tired notebooks, desktops, and smartphones, and inject them back into your productive stream.

For leased equipment, allow us to handle the entire return process. We can schedule and perform logistics, as well as properly sanitize all data bearing devices.

We understand that your IT assets may come from many sources and be both purchased and leased. Global Ewaste can provide a consolidated solution calibrated to your unique requirements.